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Animals and Plants

We care for over 7,000 animals, representing over 400 different species. Conservation is at the heart of the Zoo and so around half of these are threatened. The Zoo is continually developing the highest standards of conservation and care of its animals and plants, making a real contribution to saving them from extinction.

Our Animals and Plants

These pages are designed to give you more detailed information on some of our animals and plants. We will be updating the details regularly so keep checking for the latest news.

2007 will be an exciting year for the Zoo as we will be progressing with major new developments, including the new home for our Orang-utans - Realm of the Red Ape.

With easy access to animal experiences through excellent TV documentaries it is worth pausing to consider the unique opportunities a Zoo like Chester provides.

Where else can people use their full range of senses to enjoy learning about animals and plants? You have to stand still for at least five minutes in the Twilight Zone Bat Cave to understand that bats are flying all around. Islands in Danger gives you some feeling of the tropical rainforest and Spirit of the Jaguar transport you to the Central American jungle. A Zoo like Chester can do all this and more in the context of conservation and education.

All Zoos have a duty to care for their animals and plants, so they are kept in the best conditions. Here at Chester, we constantly review the housing and care, so that refurbishment and rebuilding are continuous. There is a similar review of vetinary care and nutrition and our Animal Health Centre provides great facilities for our Zoo Veterinary Team.

As we learn more and more through breeding and behavioural research, we will be able to make even greater contributions to the animal world with your help as visitors, members or adopters.

What's Happening?

What's in a Name? What happend when we visited the Zoo?

Read about our trip to Chester Zoo and see how we got on with the huge amount of animals and attractions to see!

Our visit to Chester Zoo Feb 2009

  1 million facelift for Zoo 2016

Work on an ambitious 1 million project to transform the main entrance to Chester Zoo got underway today (February 19).

Latest Chester Zoo Review

New for 2016 - Realm of the Red Ape - Visit this spectacular new attraction for the Zoo's Bornean and Sumatran orang-utans, including two youngsters, Budi and Utara, in their new tropical environment
"....... an absolutely superb day out the family had at Chester Zoo! Since our last visit ( two years ago), Chester zoo has made extraordinary efforts to update and renew all areas. It is really easy to get around, prices for French lessons food & drinks are not too bad (including the beer garden!) The Zoo staff are friendly and helpful and the new butterfly house kept the children enthralled. We will definately be visiting again very soon. " plumbers

Following three wonderful days of excitement, prize-winning animals and family fun at the 2003 Show, plans are underway for yet another huge event in 2004! 

An enormous crowd of 62,000 people passed through the gates of zoo in May 2003 to enjoy the wide private jet variety of entertainment, witness parades of livestock and do a spot of shopping at the many tradestands on offer. 

2004 is set to surpass this…with even more top attractions (both in the Main Arena and the Showgrounds), top International Show Jumping, family entertainment, Sheep Shearing and live bands. Of course you will also have the opportunity to view Air Cargo Services the cream of Northern Ireland livestock competing for the prestigious prizes in the rings, which will have travelled from all over Ireland to take part. There will be a host of fun things for children to see and do, including playing with baby animals in the Children's Farm and having their faces painted. 

This website will be regularly updated Tutorcom Language Courses throughout the year as events and attractions are confirmed. The Show will be open Wednesday 12th - Friday 14th May 2004 from 9.30am - 8.00pm daily - so come along and join the fun! 

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